If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!


Daniel B.  12/12/18   Amazing job! Very professional.

Charles S.  11/15/18   My son loves going to the dentist even after 2 root canals! Dr. Ramirez is amazing.

Kendall K ..8/2/18   Dr. Ramirez and her team are magic! They make going to the dentist fun. They are quick, efficient and knowledgable. So happy we found them.

Emma W.  5/30/18   I moved over an hour away but we still drive to Dr Ramirez because she’s great. When you find a good dentist who you trust and your child loves you stick with them!

Arjun M.   4/11/18   Dr Katalina is great with kids. Her manner and office atmosphere is very soothing for the kids. She is a great professional and was very helpful to my son with Autism for years. Thanks

Hudson C.  3/23/18   Such a fantastic experience! It was our first time at the dentist, and I think mom was more nervous than he was! He walked in and was blown away by everything in sight. There was no nervousness. When we went back for our check up, Dr. Ramirez was extremely calm with him, and within minutes we were done! From the front desk, to Dr. Ramirez and her assistant, the entire process was amazing. So amazing in fact, that I had to literally pry my little guy out of the office! Thank you so much for a great experience!

Jarren A.  2/16/18   Friendly staff - Good follow up - Son very comfortable visiting the dentist. Very adaptable to appt needs.

Valentina A.  1/17/18   She was quick and was able to answer all my questions. I never felt judged by her which can happen at the dentist so was grateful for that.

Noe P.  12/7/17   Dr. Ramirez is very professional and the office staff is fantastic! Scheduling is easy and the office environment is kid friendly, fun, and very relaxing.

Drew S.  10/26/17   I cannot recommend Dr. Ramirez's office enough. They are friendly, gentle and have the perfect approach to working with children. My 2 sons, who were previously scared to go to the dentist, enjoy their visits! They are thorough and professional and I feel strongly that my children are in good hands with Dr. Ramirez and her staff.

Kylie T.  10/20/17   As usual our visit was quick, thorough, and pleasant. My 9 year old actually recommended our dentist to her friend just 2 hours after our appointment.

Julien L.  10/13/17   The office is so well run in terms of administration that there is no waiting and all insurance billing is seamless. The state of the art reception area is a perfect environment for kids and the dental equipment is immaculate. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Carson R.  10/6/17   Wonderful office for children. Thorough and friendly staff. Very pleased with our first dental appointment for our 3 year old.

Chloe L.   9/14/17   We were referred to Dr. Ramirez from our regular dentist and Dr. Ramirez is amazing. Her office is super decked out with a big TV and iPads for the kids while they wait. The office is bright and nice size and right near the lake at Redwood Shores. The person at the front desk was super nice and very accomodating. So, my 5 year old daughter had an appointment with her and she was super excited and not afraid at all, especially since she was there for a cavity treatment. While my daughter was waiting in the room, she was able to watch a movie in the ceiling. That really helped with the distraction. The staff there are all friendly and I highly recommend Dr Ramirez.

Sophia S.   9/12/17   Always on time, fun setting for the kids, clean and friendly environment. Dr Katalina is calm and reassuring, taking her time to answer questions while being quick with kids procedures.

Aniyah B.  8/24/17   My eight year old loves going to Dr. Ramirez. The office is always spotless, the staff is super friendly and my daughter always gets to pick a toy which she loves! They make going to the dentist a seamless and smooth experience for the parents and fun for kids!

John M.  8/23/17   As usual, very pleasant visit. Minimal wait time and there is plenty to keep kids engaged. Both kids were happy to get their teeth inspected and cleaned and the tv on the ceiling keeps them distracted as well. Thank you, Doctor Ramirez.

Grace S.  8/16/17   Dr. Ramirez and her staff are so kind, warm, and helpful. Dr. Ramirez is extremely gentle and knows exactly how to communicate with children of all ages so that their first dental experiences are positive and calm.

Madeline S.  7/26/17   Wonderful experience with my 5 year old daughter. Welcoming and professional. Dr was thorough and great with my daughter

Avery R.  6/7/17   Camille is so warm and friendly at check in and there is an excellent waiting area to keep kids (and especially siblings) busy. Most importantly, Dr. Ramirez is a calm, kind, patient, and knowledgeable dentist. She's amazing and I wish we would have come to her years ago! The office is also immaculate! They take every step possible to ensure that it's is perfectly clean. I would recommend her to all of our friends.

Markus N.  6/5/17   We always have such a pleasant experience during our visit with Dr. Ramirez. I can tell that my boys really enjoy the visit. They both respond so well to her demeanor and way of working, and of course, they love watching the videos during the appointment! Thank you, Dr. Ramirez.

Thomas K.  5/16/17   My 9 year old son came out swiftly and without any complaints after a tooth extraction. Dr Ramirez is really sweet.

Bobby G.  5/10/17   Dr. Ramirez's team is wonderful! We just met with them this week and found them to be friendly and professional. Our 2 year old son felt very comfortable and enjoyed the toys in the lobby. He was happy and felt very comfortable with the team. Our visit was pleasant.

Victor N.  4/29/17   A always, Dr Ramirez and her staff were on time, polite, answered questions and provide input with a smile in your face - completely different from other professional that look at you as they're in a hurry and your questions are bothering them. Always a great experience with them!

Wyatt P.  2/20/17   Wonderful dentist, punctual, efficient, so fun for the kids! We love the toys in the waiting room too.

Daria A.  02/15/17   Dr Ramirez has been my daughters' dentist for more than 10 years. We enjoy the clean and beautifully designed clinic that makes kids feel welcome and comfortable and the friendly assistants. Dr Ramirez's combination of extensive up to date knowledge combined with the feeling she truly cares about her patients gives us the feeling we are in the best hands.  From standard cleaning to more complicated surgeries, and recommendations about orthodontics, Dr Ramirez's interaction with the local network of doctors opens a wide range of possibilities for the client. We highly recommend her practice.

Jessie S.  11/23/16   Dr. Ramirez is an amazingly gentle and calm. She is the best pediatric dentist.

Alexander R.  10/20/16   Great experience as always! Dr. Ramirez and all personnel are very professional and kind. Alex got his check up and the treatment and even got a toy! :) He left happy and is looking forward to his next appointment:) Thank you all!

David. W  10/6/16   Blaze left his appointment saying, "I feel so relaxed. It's like a spa, for your teeth!"

Nicolas B.  8/18/16  I called to reschedule my son's appointment after I already confirmed it, they were very nice and accommodating to our busy schedule and got us in right away.  Always professional and very friendly staff.

Katie W.  8/16/16   She is so sweet, friendly and an excellent dentist! My kids actually ask when they get to go back!

Damien B.  8/1/16   We had a great experience with Dr Ramirez and Camille. Dr Ramirez was great with my son Damien. She explained the procedure to us clearly and Damien, who is not fond of doctors at all, was very comfortable with her and her staff. Thank you!

Evghenia G.  4/20/16  This was the first visit to the dentist for my toddler and everything went really well. Dr. Ramirez is amazing and caring and people who work there are great and very efficient. The office is the best I've seen so far and we felt welcomed and comfortable. I'm so glad we came here! Thank you!

Romy H.  4/10/16  Dr. Ramirez was very personable, calm and very informative. She definitely put both my children at ease.

Joseph M.  2/15/16  It is always a pleasure to spend time in your office and with you and your staff. You make it easy! And your approach is appreciated. Thank you so much!

Hannah S.   2/1/16   My 12 year old needed a tooth pulled. We had an 8:00 AM appointment and were out of there by 8:20 AM. Dr. Ramirez made it so quick and easy, there was no time for anxiety!

Jeremiah L.   1/12/16   Thank you Dr. Ramirez. Both my sons completed the full evaluation due to your kindness and ability to work with young children.

Julian T.  1/12/16   Super friendly and welcoming!!

Victor N.   12/18/15   As always very welcomed, and Dr Ramirez opened to questions from mom :-)  Dr Ramirez and team are very polite, nice and make you feel how much they care about you and your child.

Kaelyn A.   12/17/15   Great as always!!

Kosmas P.  12/16/15  Dr Ramirez was wonderful, as always!

Wesley C.  12/15/15   Dr. Ramirez is very kind and always does a great job!

Miranda M.  12/2/15    Yesterday was our fourth visit. My daugter is now 6 and loves visiting the dentist for her cleaning and check up.  Doctor Ramirez is kind, attentive and thorough.

Isabella Z.  12/1/15   Isabella had the best experience ever with a dentist. She woke up this morning like nothing happened and telling everyone about her tooth that was taken out. As a parent I feel that we found the right place to make my children feel comfortable being treated by a wonderful and very proffesional dentist.

Anomymous 11/24/15   Dr Ramirez and her staff are attentive, punctual, and skilled professionals. They care for their patients' health and well-being. Often, they'll call to check on how my daughter is doing after a procedure. We think they're a great pediatric dental service.

Brennan D.  11/4/15  I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ramirez. My kids (now 3 and 5) have been seeing her for several years. She's earned their full trust, and they actually ENJOY going to their appointments. She is patient and gentle. She takes time to explain her recommendations to me and answer all my questions.  There is never a long wait or full lobby when we arrive. She has a clean, comfortable lobby and has done a great job stocking it with toys that the kids really enjoy. I highly recommend Dr. Ramirez!

Michele H.  11/2/15   My 6 year old had 3 cavities that needed to be filled. Prior to bringing him to Dr. Ramirez I took him to our family dentist as they have a pediatric dentist on staff.  it was a horrific experience and the dentist was only able to clean out 1 and 1/2 of his cavities (despite giving him shots for both upper and lower areas) and had to put in temporary fillings so we could come back as my child was so distressed from the whole experience (and yes we used the "happy air" for him)  So I brought him to Dr. Ramirez.  She is like the dentist whisperer!  my child was calm from start to finish and she took care of his top 2 cavities in less than 45 minutes start to finish.  She was calm, reassuring, kind and gentle.  She talked him through the process and not once did he fuss or fidget.  In fact, as we were leaving he said to me "that didn't hurt at all, when are we coming back from my last cavity"  I told him he had a choice of coming back next week or waiting a couple of weeks as i did not want to push him.  He said "why can't we come back tomorrow"  You can't ask for more than that.  Her assistant reached out to me the following day to check on my son and see how he's doing.  Needless to say we have moved his records over to Dr. Ramirez.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!  She turned a traumatic experience for both my son and I into a most pleasant one.  She's WONDERFUL!

Alina C.   10/6/15   Awesome pediatric dentist!

Jacob P.   9/29/15   Dr.Ramirez is very gentle and makes my children comfortable while there!

Anonymous  9/26/15   Dr. Ramirez has a warm, friendly demeanor and is always really great with my kids. She is gentle and lets them know what to expect. Her staff are equally friendly and patient. Her office is very clean and modern with many amenities to entertain the kids.

Grace S.   9/15/15   Dr. Ramirez is a very gentle and amazingly competent pediatric dentist. She has an amazing bedside manner with children of all ages.

Dannika V.   9/2/15   Once more a great visit! Dr. Ramirez is patient, explains every step to the kid as well as the parent, and it at any point it feels like the comfort of the child comes first.

Anonymous    8/27/15   The staff is very patient and caring with my young kids, who are new (and somewhat resistant) to the dental experience, including cleaning. BRAVO!

D'Marko S.   8/7/15    I like the tender loving care your office always give.

Thomas K.   7/9/15   The kids are always excited to go see Dr Ramirez, she is very professional and sweet with children.

Natalia M.  6/11/15   Sincere quality

Kendall R.  4/10/15   Kendall and I both LOVED everything about her first dentist experience. The staff was extremely nice, the office was amazing and Katalina was very sweet and great with Kendall. As we left the office Kendall asked if we could come back again tomorrow :)

Chloe M.   4/8/15   We are so lucky to have been referred to Dr. Ramirez about seven years ago. She is kind, gentle, and knowledgeable. My daughter was terrified of the dentist before we starting coming to Dr. Ramirez's practice. My daughter trusts her completely and loves coming to the dentist now. She even had a tooth extracted and it was virtually pain free and completely comfortable. About five years ago we moved to San Francisco and we've changed most of our doctors for convenience. Not Dr. Ramirez though, we are driving down twice a year from San Francisco to Redwood Shores because she's that great! Small detail but the new office renovations are beautiful! What a lovely space.

Nicolas A.   3/18/15   Dr Ramirez is Awesome! She did a filling on my son, made him feel comfortable and he didn't have any pain at all! An absolutely great experience!

Kristi X.  3/12/15   We are happy with Dr Ramirez and her assistant's services. They are always nice to my daughter and always perform good works on her teeth.

Rohaan K.  1/29/15   My kid refuses to sit in a dentist's chair but Dr Ramirez managed to take care of it with ease and patience. She and her staff are amazing!

Anonymous  1/15/15   We love the remodeled offices! Very clean and bright. Dr. Ramirez is always smiling and very polite when we visit. The staff is awesome as well. Keep up the good work!

Averiana G.  1/7/15   Very informative and friendly staff. Dr. Ramirez took very care of my 3 yr old daughter and did amazing work. Felt very comfortable leaving my daughter in her hands.

Bella C.  12/3/14   First visit (cleaning) went great. It took that first visit to erase my daughters fear of going to the dentist. She now takes brushing and especially flossing more seriously. The staff is very warm and great with kids. Amazing experience.

Miranda M.  11/26/14   My daughter who turned 5 last week loved her visit and first cleaning. She started flossing her teeth and is very enthusiastic about brushing ( not sure this will last!) The office has anything that a young kind may want. TV on the ceiling above the chair , toys, books iPads and TV in the waiting room and very friendly staff. Can't wait to go back :)

Guinevere G.  11/15/14   Really love everyone in the office. Thank you for all you do. Great service, easy to book appointments, easy to talk about things.

Sophia G.  11/14/14   My daughter and I both had an excellent experience. She can't wait for her next appointment. Superb job on the remodeling, the clean and colorful decor, the monitors in the ceiling and headsets, play area. And most importantly the doctor's assessment and recommendations. The visit was quick and simple. My daughter hates x-rays but she loved the new simple system at your office. She couldn't stop raving about how easy and painless it was. This was by far the best dentist experience we've had. Thank you.

Eric P.  11/5/14   Dr. Ramirez & her staff are great!! An added bonus to our dental experience is the remodeling of the office, its beautiful and so kid friendly. :)

Eva G.  10/16/14   Going to the dentist is not a laborious task. Thanks to the amazing and patient team!, the kids feel safe and taken care of.

Micah K.  10/15/14   Great bedside manner engaging our kids in a fun, comfortable and educational visit. Also fantastic at keeping to a timely efficient schedule....my boys request more time in the waiting room if you can believe it! I appreciate a straight forward way of communicating and a professional as well as friendly staff.

Donovan T.  10/3/14    It was my son's first trip to the dentist and we had a great experience. The assistant was friendly and made made sure my son was comfortable in the chair. Dr. Ramirez explained everything and gave excellent advice. She also explained everything in kid terms to my son so he would know what was going on.

Catlea C.   9/8/14   Great service and clean office! My daughter is looking forward to visiting Dr Katalina again.

Kian C.   9/7/14   Katalina Ramirez is an exceptional pediatric dentist. My kids like her a lot. I highly recommend her.

Laryssa L.   8/19/14   We had a wonderful first visit. The staff was very nice and helpful. The doctor was very patient with my nervous 5 year old.

Wesley K.   8/6/14   Awesome!!!

Anonymous   4/14/14   Our girls love visiting Dr. Ramirez for their dental check-ups. She is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. We feel so lucky to have found her back when they were young children. It made all the difference then. Now that they are adolescents, they have a good relationship with Dr. Ramirez, and it shows in their daily dental hygene. Dr. Ramirez is wonderful!

Grace S.   4/8/14   Dr. Ramirez is such a pro! She has a very gentle way with children and very developmentally appropriate ways to deal with fears, explaining what she's doing as she goes through her exam. Her office is perfect for kids. The office personnel I interacted with was super warm and friendly. I have already recommended Dr Ramirez to close friends looking for a pediatric dentist.

Nicolas B.   4/3/14   Dr. Ramirez has been very knowledgeable about each stage my son is going through, always with great disposition to answer questions and concerns. Highly recommend her practice!

Isabella C.   3/19/14   My daughter was going to my dentist and she was always trying to find a way to get out of going. Since we started going to Dr. Ramirez she looks forward to going. The staff is kind and treats her special and I am happy about that. Dr. Ramirez is kind, gentle and always thorough, she is a special dentist. The service is excellent and the waiting time is not bad. I give 5 stars for excellent service. Thank you.

Victor N.   3/7/14   As always Dr. Ramirez and her staff are great. Dr. Ramirez promptly answers my questions. She does not rush and explain it all to you. I have recommended Dr. Ramirez before and I will continue to recommend her.

Jasmin M.   3/1/14   Great experience. My kids love coming here and do surprisingly well during their check-ups and cleanings.

Lindy V.   2/3/14   Dr. Katalina Ramirez is awesome! My daughters love going to her!

Kaito H.   01/16/14    My son has been going to Katalina since birth, and she is a wonderful, caring, and gentle dentist. The staff is very professional, and the receptionist is wonderful too!! Katalina doesn't make a trip to the dentist a scary experience for children, and I would recommend her to anyone, especially if your child is afraid of the dentist. One trip to Katalina will change that forever.

Anthony E.   12/20/13   It was my son's first dental appointment at 13 months and Dr Ramirez was very patient with him when having his teeth examined. We look forward to Dr Ramirez continuing to take care of his dental needs.

Anonymous   11/14/13   In the words of my 5 year old after her 6 month checkup, "I love going to the dentist."  Do I need to say more? :)

Natalia M.   10/24/13   My daughter has been seeing Dr. Ramirez since she was one, now she is 7. Dr. Ramirez and her staff are very professional, she is also someone you can trust.

Mateo S.   10/16/13   I have 4 children ages 7,4,3,1 and Dr. Ramirez is great with them all, and her staff is amazing:)

Hannan S.   10/9/13   My 9 year old needed a tooth pulled. The whole procedure took no more than 20 minutes. We opted for the laughing gas, which I would recommend. There was no complaining during or afterwards! Very pleased!

Jordan S.  9/4/13   Great friendly place . Clean and organized . Perfect place for kids :)

Ishaan A.   8/30/13   She is excellent, very friendly & professional.

Ivy W.   8/20/13   Doctor Ramirez is wonderful! She's so gentle and puts my children right at ease. I have one child with a really reactive gag reflex and she's been working with him patiently and with lots of encouragement over several years and now he's learning to manage it. She does really good work, does the cleanings herself, and doesn't do unnecessary procedures. Her assistant is great, too, and my kids *love* her receptionist. Everyone in the office makes them feel special and relaxed, and they actually look forward to each visit. She has videos on the ceiling for them to watch, complete with headphones and even sunglasses for the overhead lights. One of my favorite aspects of the appointment is that parents are welcomed back with their children. They understand that the parents can be helpful in keeping a child calm and happy. It's a great partnership! I highly recommend Dr. Ramirez.

Roman P.   7/19/13   I am so thankful we found Dr. Ramirez. Not only is she a great dentist (patient, gentle and walks us through every step so the kids feel safe), but her staff is amazing, too (friendly and very accommodating)!

Hannah O.   7/17/13   Dr. Ramirez is the best dentist for kids! The toys in the waiting room, the small dentist chairs, the prizes, and letting them watch a movie while they get their teeth cleaned - are all awesome and help the kids feel at ease.

McKenna J.   7/5/13    Dr Ramirez and her staff have always taken great care of my girls for many years. She is a kind doctor and very good with my girls even when they need a filling:)

Aron G.   6/19/13    Dr. Ramirez has been seeing my boys for the past 7 years. She is an excellent dentist and her staff is amazing. I can't say enough good things about her and her office. My kids never complain when it's time to see the dentist.

Danielle K.  6/19/13   It's good to have a crew I am used to seeing. Kathy and the Hygienist have been w/ Dr Ramirez for some time and this is comforting. Thanks! 

Steve D.  6/5/13    Dr. Ramirez and her whole staff always take such great care of my children and always make our dentist visit a pleasure!

Cassandra L.  5/23/13    Dr. Ramirez always does an excellent job with my daughter. She spends time explaining what she is doing and takes the time needed to make sure the patient is comfortable and relaxed. She is very patient, kind, and respectful. I highly recommend her to anyone with children.

Daniella B.   5/8/13   I am very impressed with the office! We never have to wait... which is great when you have a child that is already nervous. They take their job to heart -- and making sure that the child has a good experience with a dentist is their priority. They wait until the child is ready for their first cleaning and don't push it.. which makes future visits a much more positive experience.

Elijah L.  5/7/13    Dr. Ramirez is great with my son..she is patient and provides quality work.It's important to me that my son isn't traumatized by the experience and she was able to make his dental experience a positive one..thank you Dr. Ramirez!

Ashlyn C.  4/25/13    Thank you so much for the wonderful service and the girls seem to be really happy going to your office. We appreciate all that you do taking care of my children's teeth.

Anonymous   4/18/12   We've been coming to Dr. Ramirez for my 2 daughters, ages 2 and 6. She's the only dentist my girls have ever known and they love her! Just the other day at our appointment my 2 year old was excited and jumped into the chair so she could watch a show while Dr. Ramirez cleaned her teeth. No fuss and no fear! I would highly recommend her since she runs a practice based on giving children the best experience possible. My eldest started coming when she was a little over a year old since all her teeth came in. Going to the dentist is such a positive experience for her and no cavities at all for both of them. Thank you Dr. Ramirez!

Anonymous  4/12/12   I experience nothing but professionalism from all of the staff, and of course Dr. Ramirez. Thank-you all for making the dentist experience wonderful for children and adults alike.

Adam S.   4/4/13    Great with the kids, very gentle, explains what she's going to do before she does it. Office and staff are very friendly. Nothing scary about this place!

Micah K.   2/14/13    Excellent friendly and professional service every time! My boys look forward to each cleaning and always leave with smiles on their faces! I would definitely recommend Dr. Ramirez for her efficient, gentle and kid friendly service.

Elijah S.  01/09/13    Thanks for seeing us at the last minute. As always your staff and you did a great job. Elijah was relaxed and felt very little discomfort. Tooth fairy gave him a little extra for the "Robot Tooth"!

Cameron B.   11/28/12    Dr.Ramirez is a wonderful dentist and is always very sensitive to my children's needs. She always makes them feel comfortable while they are getting work done on their teeth. I always feel like she is proactive with their care, but never does work that is not needed. The front end staff is always wonderful too. Overall a great experience.

Luca G.  11/13/12    You are awesome - not only was my son excited to go to his dentist appointment but he came out smiling, so rare! It's so great to go to a place where the staff is so great and do fantastic work. love you guys!!!!

Anonymous  10/26/12    Dr Ramirez and her staff have always been really pleasant and professional whenever we visit her. We have been with her for 9 years now and will continue going to her till my son 'graduates' to a regular dentist. Her receptionist too is very friendly. I would totally recommend them. Continue the good job, Dr Ramirez!

Anonymous  10/25/12    Dr Ramirez and her office staff are amazing: professional, courteous, kind, gentle and just amazing with kids. My daughter LOVES going to the dentist and she's been going since she was I think 18 months? Great place.

Alina C. 9/26/12    Dr. Katalina Ramirez is great with our kids and we have been going to her for approx. 5 years now. I highly recommend Dr. Ramirez. The kids like the movies and are never scared of their dentist.

Nicolas B.  9/17/12   Dr. Ramirez is very sweet with the kids, she has just the right way to introduce the dentist routine to your child as a positive one. Her office is very clean, fun and organized. Her staff is friendly and professional. I took my son there for his first dentist experience and he loved it. He is 10 years old now, and still loves it. Dr. Ramirez kept us always very well informed about our son changes and needs .

Georgia K.  9/13/12   We had a wonderful first meeting with the whole office team this past week. Friendly, helpful, and efficient! Highly recommended!

Maureen D. 8/2/12    Dr Ramirez and staff are very proficient, professional, and caring. All of my daughters, from age 3+, have felt very comfortable with Dr Ramirez, hence it has never been an issue getting them to go to the dentist!

Maria S. 8/1/12    Went in for a cleaning for both my boys today. Your new receptionist was very professional and efficient. Very little waiting time and pleasant experience as always. Thank you!

Anonymous 7/1/12    Dr. Ramirez and her staff are excellent; from the minute you call to schedule an appt. The new office manager is so professional, efficient and makes my children's visit so welcoming. Dr. Ramirez and her staff are the best !!!

Janet L. 6/19/12    Dr. Ramirez is fabulous!!!! We came to her five years ago for a second opinion and I am glad we did. My daughter had a bad experience with her previous dentist and was very afraid. Dr. Ramirez was extremely patient and very sweet. She was able to complete all the work without any problems and my children love her. Her office is really nice, easy parking, clean, TVs on the ceiling for children to watch while the work is being done. She allows parents in the treatment rooms and explains things clearly. She is great with children and my two daughters absolutely love her. I agree that her previous receptionist was not very nice. However, the new receptionist is excellent, nice and very efficient. Dr. Ramirez and her new staff deserve five stars!!!

Liliana R. 10/20/11    Dr Ramirez has been fantastic with my two kids. Both my 6-year old daughter and 3 year-old son are always happy to go to their dentist appointment. I don't remember having that attitude when I was a kid!!! I think it is because Dr Ramirez's is not only very skilled and experienced treating children but also a doctor that genuinely cares about her patients. Her office is completely designed to make her little patients feel as comfortable, relaxed and entertained as possible so they can associate a visit to the dentist with a positive experience and not a scary one.

Dr. Ramirez taught me in a very detailed way how to take care of my kids' teeth since they were toddlers. This was especially important to me with my first child because I was very inexperienced...I was able to ask her as many questions as I needed!!! Great difference vs. other doctors that get upset if you ask them anything!!!

Dr Ramirez is always on time and her new admin Kathy, has helped me a million times to reschedule my appointments since I work full time and live in the south bay.

Thanks Dr. Ramirez!!!!

Shara B. 12/31/10    We went to Dr. Ramirez after our family dentist could not fill our daughter's cavity. Dr. Ramirez did a WONDERFUL job and my daughter actually looks forward to going there. Love the TV and the sweet people in her office. We have been with her for several years now, and we just love her!!

Janet W. 3/7/08    Dr. Ramirez is a fabulous dentist and great with kids. My son had bad experiences at a previous dentist so we tried Dr. Ramirez based on her volunteering to teach good oral hygiene in the kids schools. She took time to help my son relax, not to mention she has TV and headphones for the kids to keep them distracted. By the time she was finished with the checkup, my son doesn't want to leave. We also had some extensive work done by an associate of hers as my son had some mega cavities. He was great, too. What could have been a traumatic experience was done with care and professionally.

Marie M. 4/22/08    Dr. Ramirez is a fantastic pediatric dentist! My two children (ages 4 and 5) actually look forward to going to their checkups with Dr. Ramirez! She has been their dentist for almost two years. The waiting room has a large television which is usually playing a Disney DVD. This captivates my kids and they would love to stay there and watch the entire movie. The office always seems calm. Once they're seated in the treatment room, they are offered headphones and can watch a tv mounted on the ceiling. Parents sit by their chair and are able to discuss the visit with Dr. Ramirez . The checkups have been short and end with a visit to the "treat box." We look forward to many years to come with Dr. Ramirez as our children's dentist.

Francisco C. 5/6/08    Dr. Ramirez without doubt has been a perfect choice for my two children. Besides having a pristine and optimal setting with all the fixings, what I am most concerned with is a pediatric dentist's ability to interact with children. My daughter as well as my son both ask me when they will return to see her. My daughter who is anxious and shy was compassionately held by Dr. Ramirez during her first filling. A situation which could have been difficult for my daughter and myself was handled with grace and smiles. We all left calm and well. I would highly recommend Dr. Ramirez to any mother and father who want the best dental care for their children.